Scale Your Trademark Business With High Volume Solutions
Some of the world’s largest trademark filers use Markify as their search and watch provider – Their demands have created a portfolio of automated, API powered solutions. – All in a very attractive bulk pricing fee.

  • Order API - What reports will your users demand? We will help you customize the best report types for your users and let them order them on your web and deliver the reports in your brand from your email. All automated.  
  • Fast search on your web - Increase the relevance of your website by offering the best fast trademark search for non-professional users.  
  • Classes and Goods and Services Suggest Engine API - Let all your users easy determine what classes and what G&S they should use. For search or for trademark applications.  
  • Wide range of databases - Choose between 35 countries in North America, Europe and International (WIPO).  
  • Automated bulk watching/monitoring - Build your watch portfolio from your web - automatically.  
  • Optimized workflow for large volumes - Tools and processes are designed to streamline the work flow so time is spent on the qualitative aspects of clearance and analysis work.  

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