Key advantages

  • Full opposition analysis - Every trademark search will flag all opposing marks and list all aggressive opposers. Learn More.
  • Global coverage - 190 countries and the 50 US states. Learn More.
  • Unique search features - Example: Find coexisting similar marks with specific goods and services. Etc.
  • Instant delivery - Both online and to you email.
  • Many formats available - PDF, Word, RTF, HTML and Excel.
  • Add your own branding - Easily create sophisticated custom branded reports.

Learn more about ProSearch™ advantages

ProSearch™ is a combined trademark screening/clearance, research and analysis platform. The trademark professional can now in a fast, easy single search interface, access all trademark data from 190 countries and the 50 US states. See list.

ProSearch™ is optimized for handling high quality results in a fast work flow - meeting today's demands of the efficient trademark professional.

The ProSearch™ platform is meant to handle the bulk of your search and analysis work. Together with our best-in-class Comprehensive Search Reports you now have the full flexibility for meeting any clearance and analysis situation at the lowest possible price.

  • Global high quality data coverage

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    Markify ProSearch gives you access to high quality, fresh trademark data from 190 countries and from the 50 US states.

  • Automated intelligent analysis

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    • Statistical risk analysis.
    • Opposition analysis.
  • Efficient work flow

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    • Statistical ranking for a fast decision process.
    • Full template support.
    • Translations to all major languages.
    • Flexible report creation tools.
    • All common formats.
    • Customized branding.
  • Ultra-competitive pricing

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    At Markify we think that modern, technology-driven solutions should deliver both the highest quality and the best price. So using Markify, expect the highest quality and:

    • a reduction of more than 50% of your search and watch costs.
    • a significant reduction of your time spent on trademark search and watch reports.
    • money back if you are not satisfied.

Learn from the best - Our clients


Daniel Kelly

Deputy General Counsel

  • Company:

    VistaOutdoor - A leading provider of
    innovative outdoor products.

  • Our brands:

    40 outdoor brands like CamelBak,
    Bushnell, Bell and Giro.

  • Our mission:

    "Our mission is
    to bring the world outside."

  • Markify client since 2016


Frances Drummond


  • Law firm:

    Norton Rose Fullbright - A top ten
    global law firm.

  • Some brands I advice:

    GSK, Biofarma
    and Aurora Energy.

  • Our business principles:

    "Quality, Unity
    and Integrity."

  • Markify client since 2018


Miguel Danielson

Managing Partner and Member

  • Law firm:

    Danielson Legal - A ten person boutique IP
    and technology law firm.

  • Some brands we advice:

    Zendesk, TIME,

  • A rare competence:

    Advising open source
    technology companies

  • Markify client since 2016


Anders Feldt

Senior Partner

  • Law firm:

    Zacco - A modern, full-service IP
    consultancy with over 500 employees.

  • Our way of looking at IP:

    Innovation Assets, Digital Assets,
    Identity Assets.

  • My experience with Markify:

    "I appreciate the Markify quality,
    speed and support."

  • Markify client since 2011


Kristina Björnerstedt


  • Naming agency:

    Skriptor Zigila - is a global
    top five naming company.

  • Some brands names we have created:

    Klarna, Telia and Kelda
    and another 2.000.

  • On trademark searching:

    "Efficient trademark search is
    vital to all naming projects."

  • Markify client since 2017


Frank Monestere


  • Company:

    LegalZoom - A leading provider of
    online legal solutions for
    small businesses and families.

  • Quote:

    "When you process thousands of
    trademark applications per year,
    the quality and efficiency of
    search and monitoring is
    extremly important."

  • Markify client since 2017


Prateek Mohunta


  • Service provider:

    Sagacious IP - A leading IP
    services provider.

  • What we do:

    We support IP law firms,
    corporates and individuals
    in the IP ecosystem
    with critical
    technology research,
    services and tools.

  • Markify client since 2018


Thomas Dunlap


  • Law firm:

    Dunlap Bennett & Ludwig

  • Our tagline:

    "We have been there
    and done that.
    Let us help you
    go there and do that."

  • Markify client since 2018


Mats Lundberg

Managing Partner

  • Law firm:

    Groth - A leading Swedish IP
    law firm.

  • Our longest client relationship:

    Bahco - Client
    since 120 years.

  • My not so secret talent:

    "I play the trombone."

  • Markify client since 2012

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