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  • The world's best trademark similarity search algorithm - 经统计证明,它可以发现超过 99% 的容易混淆的相似商标,而且干扰更少。   Learn more.
  • State records - Secretary of state records are included.   Learn more.
  • 全面覆盖普通法 - 公司名称、域名、网络和社交媒体检索。   Learn more.
  • 相关性排名结果 - 为您节省大量时间。   Learn more.
  • Up to 5 classes included! - Plus identical marks in ALL classes and dead marks   Learn more.
  • 商品和服务的关键字筛选 - 加上用于排序、颜色标记等的工具。   Learn more.
  • 即时交付 - 在线和发送到您的电子邮箱。   Learn more.
  • 多种格式可用 - PDF、Word、RTF、HTML 和 Excel。   Learn more.
  • 添加您自己的品牌 - 轻松创建复杂的自定义品牌报告。   Learn more.

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We believe every new brand should get a really comprehensive search report before filing a trademark application and launching the brand.

And you should not have to pay more than $129 for a high quality, full trademark report and not the +$600 you are used to.


We are a small technology driven team who have smart algorithms doing the heavy work. This makes our reports faster, cheaper and also more reliable since there is no risk for human error.

Below you will find more detailed information about the Markify advantage. If you need even more information, just send us an email 我们会尽力为您解答。

  • Accuracy of the Comprehensive trademark algorithm 回到顶部

    The Comprehensive search algorithm is trained with a proprietary statistical method, using more than 1 million official cases where two marks have been found confusingly similar by a government official. 

    This means that the Comprehensive search and monitoring reports covers all the usual search strategies, such as:

    • 完全相同的
    • 语音相似度
    • 正字法相似性和拼写错误
    • 前缀、中缀和后缀变体
    • 元音和辅音相似度
    • 复数和词干
    • 缩写与首字母缩略词
    • 其他相似之处

    The "signal-to-noise ratio" - the scientific name for measuring accuracy - is tested as the best in the trademark search industry (see independent 基准报告). The Comprehensive search algorithm finds more than 99% of potential conflicts, and it does it with a total number of results that on average is 50% lower than any comparable full report done by any other provider.  

    The Comprehensive search algorithm is used for both our USPTO and state records

  • 结果的统计相关性排序 回到顶部

    All results in Comprehensive reports are per default relevance ranked (you can use any sorting method, like alphabetical or other). The method is based on a statistical analysis of the above described 1 million official cases. 

    This statistical method answers the question: How often does this kind of similar result lead to a perceived "conflict"? The higher the statistical risk, the higher you will find that result in the list.  

  • State records included 回到顶部

    A lot of businesses still choose to only register their trademark in their state. A truly full US search must include the relevant state records, and the Markify US Full does.

  • 全面覆盖普通法 回到顶部

    The report comes with a complete Common law coverage, including:

    • 公司名称 – A search among more than 20 million secretary of state business records will give you both identical and similar results.
    • 域名 - Identical and very similar results from all (+1000) TLDs gives you a unique view of the domain name landscape surrounding your new mark.
    • 网络搜索 – Our web search is an automated search combining the trademark name with your most important keywords. The search eliminates all usual search biases. You will be able to include any or all of the top 30 results, and all relevant keywords will be highlighted.  
    • 社交媒体搜索 - Our social media search will explore the use of your trademark name in world's largest social networks: Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.
    • 社交名称 - We check if the trademark name is registered as a user name in 100 social networks. 

  • 包括五个分类——加上相同的结果和无效商标 回到顶部

    We always let you include up to five classes but you can for a small fee (+2,5%) add as many classes as you want. 

    • Plus: Identical results from all classes are also included as default. Reported in a separate tab.
    • 另外:默认情况下还包括无效标志。在单独的选项卡中报告。

  • Date of file freshness shown 回到顶部

    At the end of every report we display how fresh the data is for every source.

  • 商品和服务的关键字筛选 回到顶部

    Once you have received the search report online you can sort through the result list with our keyword filters for specific goods and services. And then easily create a new, more limited report

  • Instant delivery in multiple formats 回到顶部

    The report is produced instantly (may take a couple of minutes for large reports) and it is delivered:

    • to your email in PDF in you latest used template for branding (first time non-branded).
    • online - where you can work with it, customize it and create and download the report in various formats (PDF, Word, RTF, HTML, Excel). See samples

  • 添加您自己的品牌 回到顶部

    You only need to upload your logotype and enter your details once to get every report in your own branding. It is easy to switch between your branding and a non-branded report.

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