PTMG News flash - A game changer for clearing pharmaceutical trademarks

Markify launches automated full pharmaceutical search reports.

How can we make the clearance process for pharmaceutical trademarks faster, better and cheaper? That is the question one of our teams has been working intensely on solving.

Today at the PTMG conference in Berlin we launch our new set of pharma trademark screening and clearance products. 

What is new compared to your current provider?

1. Quality - The quality of our similarity algorithm makes it possible to deliver a Full/Comprehensive report in an automated fashion. 

You no longer have to wait days for a truly full trademark clearance search. And since it is an algorithm doing the heavy lifting, built on 1M conflict cases, there is less room for human error. 

2. Price - Since our search is automated, and no humans are involved, we can give you a completely different price, a price that will both cut your costs with 50-80% (depending on who you work with today) and change the way you work. 

3. Work-flow - Since you can do instant full searching at a fraction of the price, your naming process will become both faster and more flexible. 

What is the same as you get from your current provider?

Data coverage and data quality - We use the same high quality, pharma specific, industry data sources (if you use one the two big providers):

  • Global pharma-in-use data from IMS Health (IQVIA)
  • Drugs@FDA - Authentic POCA (US)
  • RxNorm - Authentic POCA (US)
  • NN's

And trademark and common law databases:

  • Global trademark data
  • US states trademark data
  • Global common law data

Get a demo in our booth at PTMG in Berlin or contact our support team at for a demo and free trial.

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