Success for Markify at the INTA Annual Meeting in San Francisco

The Markify exposition at the INTA Annual Meeting in San Francisco in May was a huge success. And in several ways:

  1. Business leads: We had so many visitors to our booth that the three of us didn't always have time to take care of everyone. The number of new potential clients is fantastic.
  2. User input: The input from trademark lawyers from all over the world was simply outstanding. They told me all we need know when we now continue to develop Markify.
  3. Partnerships: Industry leaders in various positions approached us to discuss cooperation. Very exciting opportunities.
  4. Buzz: The buzz we generated in the trademark community is still echoing in our inboxes.

How did we do it? I think the trademark lawyer at one of the big cola drink companies summarized it well: "You had a great way of getting me into the booth (Win an iPad 2). Then you showed me a great product. Well done!"

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