Markify gives away an iPad 2 at the INTA Annual Meeting

We celebrate our first INTA Annual Meeting with giving away an iPad 2 to one lucky attendee. Enter the free trial of our new full watch services (no strings attached) and you may be the winner! Come by our booth 124 to get the promotion code. The winner will be announced on Tuesday the 17th at 3.15pm in our booth.

When we took the decision of exhibiting at the INTA Annual Meeting we understood it would mean a lot of extra work for us. The first time you do something it is always difficult and take a lot of time. Here are the six big areas I think are important for a successful exposition:

  1. Set the overall target for our participation. Why are we exhibiting? With what offer? To who? Concept?
  2. Produce the graphics and order all exposition gear.
  3. Get the right personnel
  4. Travel and hotel arrangements
  5. Book the right meetings
  6. Bring all gear to the booth, set it up, have fun and smile

Soon I will know what I have missed . . . Showtime

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