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Gaining momentum in the US: Markify hires a Business Development Director

To handle the growing interest for Markify in the US we have added a Business Development Director to our US operations. 

Her name is Sasha Farrah and she has a solid background in the trademark community:

   > Several years at IP service providers like Corsearch, Thomson Compumark, Dennemeyer and LexisNexis. - She knows what options you have and she can discuss them in detail. 

   > A trademark attorney herself. - She understands the legal aspects of the trademark profession.

   > Started as an examiner at the USPTO. - She knows how they work and what you can expect from them.  

Read her own story here:

She would love to hear from you, to discuss how you with powerful and smarter trademark search tools can reduce costs, optimize your work flow and get new business. 

You can reach her at or at 310.922.9778.

Sasha Farrah

World’s Largest Trademark Filer Selects Markify as Trademark Search and Watch Provider

See the press release at:

Why should this interest you? Because of why LegalZoom selected us.

There were three main reasons LegalZoom selected Markify, a technology focused provider, and not another supplier: 1) quality, 2) effectiveness and 3) price.

1. Search result quality

LegalZoom processes around 30.000 trademark filings a year. That is probably more than any other company in the world.

At that scale you simply cannot afford to have a trademark search system that fails, that misses what you should have found. Because then you will be wrong so many times, that you will eventually not have a filing business.

LegalZoom tested us thoroughly during many months, in parallel with other providers’ systems, before they took the decision to go with Markify. That is a proof of quality, that I also think is relevant to all our clients.

2. Effective tools and automated processes

At the scale of 30.000 filings, and at that end user price, you need the fastest, most effective trademark search tools you can get.

If there is a trademark attorney or paralegal analyzing the results, they must have the tools to very fast be able to determine what is relevant and what is not, without missing any pertinent results.

When there is no human analysis done, you need the fully automated process.

You also need all other processes, like order, search, report creation and email communication, to be fully automated. With our wide range of trademark API’s you get that 100% automated process.

If you want to discuss how we can help you streamline your trademark search/watch process, just contact us for a discussion.

3. Aggressive pricing

At that scale, price is obviously a very important factor. Markify have always had the lowest prices in the trademark search industry and we will continue to deliver the best pricing.

If you ever think our pricing is not the best, that you can get something similar at a better price, please send us a note so we can correct that.

Benefit for all Markify clients

I believe all our clients will benefit from this deal since it brings scale to our business and will let us continue to add trademark databases and create more innovative trademark search and monitoring technology.

Any thoughts on this, please drop me an email at

Sneak Peek at the New Trademark Search Platform at the TMAP Conference in Washington DC

The INTA's TMAP conference is starting today at the Washington Hilton and if you are participating at the conference you will be able to get a first look at the new Markify search platform in our exhibition booth. 

We have together with US and European clients been working hard with our new search platform that we think will change how you approach trademark searching, what you expect from a search platform and what you have to pay for it.   

Beta tester?

There is still some work that has to be done on the new platform so the official launch is first in a couple of weeks, when I will also explain the new platform more in detail. But already next week we will start to let a few beta testers in. 

If you would like to be one of our first beta testers, just send us an email at with the headline "beta tester".  



Get Your Free Trial of the World's Most Accurate Trademark Search Technology at INTA in Orlando

Why is accuracy in trademark search so important?

Trademark practitioners of course know the answer but often have a hard time explaining it to their clients or to their organizations.  

"Because without that accuracy you do not know, if it is safe to launch the new brand. And a future conflict is not something you want to risk." 

Even if that should be rather easy to understand for trademark owners, there are a lot of premium trademarks launched without accurate clearance work done. It is our objective to change that with four unique Markify properties:

1. Find All Potential Conflicts

The Markify technology is the world's only statistically proven trademark search algorithm. Built on more than 12.000 actual cases where a government official in the US or the EU have concluded that two mark names are confusingly similar.

So we know we find the potential conflicts (+99%). We are not guessing. See the independent research study.  

2. Less Noise 

Our statistical method also let's us reduce the "noise" in reports and rank all results according to their statistical risk. 

3. Fast and Easy Work-Flow

This full availability search just takes one minute. And the available tools to get the clearance work done are both powerful and easy. 

4. Best Price and Free Trial

Taking a risk with a less accurate trademark search report is something very few companies can afford. We at Markify believe you should be able to combine top quality in a comprehensive report with a low price, so you never have to take that risk.

Visit the Markify exhibition booth (#1316) in Orlando for a demo and get your free trial.

If you are not there, send me an email at

The top 100 trademark words 2011

If you look at all USPTO trademark filings during 2011, you find 130.000 different "words". 90 percent of these words are used less than 5 times, like QUORA and SINGER. But the top 10 percent are used as many as 2000 times, like LIFE and HEALTH.

If you are thinking of a new name for a business or trademark, you should probably avoid all these words. They are so common that they are very weak as trademark components.

The list has few surprises so we compared it with 2006 and found only two new, very common trademark words. Can you guess which ones? (Answer at bottom of blog post)

We also compared this list with a similar list for EU trademarks (CTM/OHIM), but found no major differences.

We have eliminated the most common "stop words" like  THE, IS, AT, YOU, AND etc, and some company attributes like INC, COMPANY and GROUP.

The top 100 trademark words 2011:

1 life 51 usa
2 solutions 52 x
3 world 53 day
4 one 54 b
5 love 55 city
6 care 56 bar
7 health 57 house
8 new 58 black
9 american 59 food
10 power 60 do
11 home 61 social
12 green 62 our
13 n 63 natural
14 go 64 out
15 energy 65 foundation
16 t 66 fresh
17 smart 67 plus
18 good 68 water
19 be 69 america
20 all 70 kids
21 up 71 first
22 services 72 music
23 center 73 m
24 me 74 art
25 no 75 little
26 real 76 1
27 live 77 make
28 time 78 media
29 get 79 service
30 big 80 c
31 club 81 not
32 business 82 free
33 e 83 star
34 management 84 great
35 pro 85 healthy
36 better 86 way
37 network 87 can
38 international 88 systems
39 technology 89 sports
40 its 90 play
41 global 91 fitness
42 blue 92 baby
43 red 93 rock
44 co 94 mobile
45 system 95 family
46 just 96 clean
47 best 97 living
48 s 98 where
49 design 99 people
50 more 100 that

The two new words on the list of fop 100 trademark words 2011, when compared to 2006, is number 61 and 94. Not very surprising.

Benoit Fallenius Founder and CEO

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