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The World's First Statistical Risk Analysis of Full Trademark Search Reports

Since we started Markify six years ago our aim has been to build and improve the world's best trademark search algorithm. Finding all potential conflicts but with as little noise as possible.

Now we are releasing our next step in that work - our statistical Risk analysis. 

The ranking of our results is based on a statistical analysis of more than 10.000 official cases of confusingly similar trademarks in the EU or the US. These come from OHIM decision and from USPTO 2(d) citations and TTAB decisions. 

The main difference between these two sources are the number of languages they handle. While the USPTO largely concentrate on English, and Spanish to some extent, the OHIM/CTM decisions handles 28 countries, all with a mix of languages.  

Instead of showing the individual risk level for every result, we have gouped the results in four "Risk level" groups. Each level indicate statistically how big risk there is that you will find a potential conflict in this group.  

Level 1 - Very high risk.

Of all conflicts in Europe or the US, 20% have these types of similarities. 

This group of results typically stands for less than 1% of the total amount of results. 

Level 2 - High risk. 

Of all conflicts in Europe or the US, 40% have  these types of similarities. 

This group of results typically stands for only 5% of the total amount of results. 

Level 3 - Medium risk. 

Of all conflicts in Europe or the US, 25% have these types of similarities. 

This group of results typically stand for 20% of the total amount of results.  

Level 4 - Low risk. 

Of all conflicts in Europe or the US, 15% have these types of similarities.  

This group of results typically stands for 75% of the total amount of results. 

As you can see above, the lower the risk, the longer the result list. The last group of results contain 75% of all results, but with only 15% of the potential conflicts. 

This is frustrating for us developing the algorithm and for our clients, who have to analyze all results. Just think how much easier trademark clearance work would be if you could just skip Level 4. But unfortunately there are so many conflict cases in this group that you cannot neglect it. 

However, in some cases I know that the attorney does skip the lower part of the results list. This is often the case when he wants to save time and money for the client and maybe when the client feel that an opposition is not the end of the world. 

For other clients, with a marketing start in the near future, that would not be an option. They would not want to risk the first six months of marketing investments... 

Risk levels are currently not included in downloaded reports. Our thinking is that most of our clients' clients will not understand the meaning of "risk". It is just there in the online report to make your job faster and easier. 

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The "signal-to-noise ratio" - the scientific name for measuring accuracy - is tested as the best in the trademark search industry (see independent Benchmark Report). 

The Markify Comprehensive Search Algorithm finds more than 99% of potential conflicts, but does it with a total number of results that on average is 50% lower than comparable reports (Full /Comprehensive reports) done by other providers. 


Markify adds Canada to its trademark searching and watching services

We have now added the Canadian trademark database (CIPO) to our searching and monitoring services. We have made some adjustments to our system to handle that Canada not yet fully use the Nice classification system.

The price for a Comprehensive Search, or a Full Availability Search, as some providers call it, is set at USD 81 (or 59 EUR). For that you get our best-in-class similarity search algorithm that finds 99% of all confusingly similar trademarks – and with less "noise”. It is actually the best trademark similarity search in the world (see search report here).

Do you want to try one Comprehensive Search Report for free? Send me an email and I will send you the promotion code (benoit at

We also offer our Knockout Plus Search for  Canada for only USD 40. This is “broad” knockout, finding both identical, phonetically identical and other very similar results. Approx. 60% of all potential conflicts but with only 10% of the list length. This is the professional choice for any name screening project or for an application on a tight budget.

To order, you just sign up here:

You find the watching service here and the yearly price is only USD 34. Every week you get one report per client. And you get the same strong similirity algorithm so you will not miss any potential conflicts. Combine it with US watch if you need.

Questions? Contact me at benoit at

Markify adds international WIPO trademarks to the free trademark search

Markify's trademark search engine just became a lot more global. We have added another 650.000 international trademarks to our trademark search engine.

All these trademarks come from the WIPO trademark database, sometimes called "ROMARIN". (WIPO is the United Nation's organization that administrates the Madrid system, through which you can get a trademark registration in approx. 80 countries.)

I think this means that Markify today is the world's only free trademark search engine that covers both the US (USPTO), EU (CTM/OHIM) and international (WIPO) trademarks.

A total of almost 4 million live trademarks, updated every 24 hours with 400.000 new marks per year.

We are also the only free trademark search that gives you a proper list of confusingly similar trademarks, where there could be a likelihood of confusion.

Some of the other providers try to do this with "fuzzy search". The problem with "fuzzy search" is that it is "fuzzy". It misses too much and gives you to much noise. A good similarity algorithm should not be "fuzzy" but very distinct, based on statistics.

We have based our algorithm on more that 10.000 actual cases where a government employee has said that these two trademarks are confusingly similar.

So now you can get the best trademark search results, including all classes, also for WIPO trademarks - for free.

Trademark attorneys should know that we have added the WIPO trademarks - without raising our price of $100 - in our premium products: US Comprehensive Trademark Search and EU Comprehensive Search.

Entrepreneurs and start-ups that uses our Trademark Registration should know that these Comprehensive Search reports are always included in our Trademark Registration service.

All our Trademark Watch and Monitor customers will now also be getting international WIPO results in their reports. At no additional cost.

Trademark attorneys can now afford to give all clients a global watch & monitoring service

The new Pro Watch Platform is a trademark and domain name watch service, designed both for the inhouse attorney and for the law firm that wishes to gíve to all its’ clients a powerful Brand Protect Kit.

The Pro platform has three main features:

1. Broad coverage at an unmatched price

With just one Pro subscription, priced at $50/month, you get the possibillity to create 25 custom branded Brand Protect Kits.  You get a total of:

●        25 Global domain name watch finding conufsingly similar new domains

●        25 Trademark watch for the US , EU (CTM) and International (WIPO)

●        100 Competitor/Owner monitoring

●        100 Category monitoring

You don’t have to bundle the monitoring and watch data into Brand Protect Kits. You can use them any way you want.

See the Brand Protect Kit blog post for details of the different watch and monitoring services or go directly to the free 30-day Pro trial sign-up page.

You also get 100 Status monitoring, where you get alerts on status changes or any other changes to a trademark application or registered trademark.

2. Create custom branded reports

Now there is a very easy to use online tool for creating custom branded watch and monitoring reports to all your clients.

The report tool let’s you a choose what results to include, and you can comment on every result. Then you can download the report in Excel or PDF. You can create as many reports as you want built on the data you have bought.

3. Comprehensive Search Reports at a 25% discount

With a Pro subscription you get a good discount on all Comprehensive Search Reports. Instead of the already low $100 you pay only $75.

Read about the other new services launched by Markify in May:

Now anyone can afford a Comprehensive Search Report

Global domain and trademark watch included in new Brand Protect Kit

Markify launches powerful trademark and domain services at INTA 2012

Global domain and trademark watch included in new Brand Protect Kit

We have new motto for our watch and monitoring services:

Every living brand deserves to be protected.

Our new Brand Protect Kit is priced and designed to deliver on that motto. For only $5/month the brand owner gets a broad, “first-line” brand  protection. The package includes four different watch and monitoring services, covering both trademarks and domain names on a global scale:

Trademark watch

(1 watched mark per Kit)

Earlier we only had USPTO (US federal) and CTM (EU) in our trademark monitor service. Now we have added the large international database WIPO. This is still the only trademark watch service that finds 99% of new confusingly similar trademark applications.

Global domain name watch

(1 watched domain name per Kit)

This is a new flagship service we believe many brand owners will find attractive. Compared to other domain name monitoring services ours also finds new, confusingly similar domain names in the big TLDs (.com, .net, .org, .us, .info and .biz). Add to that an identical watch of around 200 ccTLDs, and you have a domain name monitoring service we believe is hard to beat.

Owner/competitor monitorint

(5 monitored owners per Kit)

When a company applies for a trademark registration, it is often a very early signal of that they are planning something new. To watch what trademarks your competitors or other trademark owners tries to register is a a good source of intelligence.

Category monitoring

(5 monitored categories per Kit)

This is a new kind of product we believe is quite unique. Here you monitor every new trademark application in the trademark classes you are interested in. Then you add one or several key words to filter out the relevant trademark applications.

Every week you will get an email with a summary of the results, and you’ll find the full report in  your web control panel.

All this for only $5/month. To low? Maybe, but we would rather see many companies protecting their brands and not just the big ones.

Read about the other new services launched by Markify in May:

Now anyone can afford a Comprehensive Search Report

Trademark attorneys can now afford to give all clients a global watch & monitoring service

Markify launches powerful trademark and domain services at INTA 2012

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