Markify/Questel launches the first ChatGPT powered IP service

ChatGPT plus Markify

As the first intellectual service provider Markify (a Questel brand), we are today launching a ChatGPT powered trademark service.

The buzz around ChatGPT has been increasing the last few months and the prophecies of how this will affect the world of online services are plenty.

At Markify we have been following the development of NLP (Natural Language Processing) and LLM's (Large Language Models) and what possible use we could make of this in the trademark world.

This first ChatGPT service is aimed at letting our clients experience how an advanced Large Language Model like ChatGPT can serve in the context of trademark search. We have first released it for our Comprehensive Search Reports, where ChatGPT will give the user its answers on a number of specific questions related to that specific trademark search.

As always at Markify, this is a joint development project together with our clients. We are looking forward to user feedback so we can gain further insights into how we should leverage generative models on intellectual property data.

This first version of a ChatGPT powered service is just a glimpse of what will come. The quality delivered by ChatGPT already today is astonishing and it is not rocket science to predict that this new technology will re-write the IP services landscape.

Don't hesitate to contact me with questions or comments.

Benoit Fallenius
Markify CEO

Questel acquires Markify - A great match - Business as usual

Markify logo      Questel logo

Yesterday it was announced that the global IP service provider Questel has acquired Markify to accelerate their development within trademark search, watch and brand protection.

The Markify brand and philosophy of delivering the highest quality and cost-efficiency along with superior service level to our clients will remain the same. And I will stay on as CEO. That is a promise.

As you know, the strength of Markify lies in its cutting-edge algorithm and technology development along with designing online services with both very high quality and a high degree of cost-efficiency. Having access to the infrastructure Questel has built will enable us to build even better tools and new product offerings for our clients as well as provide better service all around.

And with Markify as part of the group, Questel becomes a truly end-to-end IP service provider, which soon also will benefit all Markify clients.

Markify and Questel are simply put - a great match.

Link to the press release:

Don't hesitate to contact me with any questions or thoughts.



Powerful upgrade of ProSearch

Powerful new features in ProSearch

After months in testing and development, Markify has released long-anticipated major updates to ProSearch – our unlimited-use trademark clearance search platform.

    We are very proud of these new features and even more so of the dedicated team who brought them to you. Here is an outline of a few of the most significant new features:

      All-New Optional Modules for Image and Business Name Search

      • NEW: Artificial intelligence screening of design/device marks. You’re now able to search images and logotypes without the need for design or Vienna codes. Our proprietary A.I. algorithm does that for you to an extreme degree of accuracy.
      • NEW: Global business name search. We’ve added a new optional module in the database selection allowing you to search more than 230 million company names on a global scale.
      • New image search options in ProSearchNew business name search options in ProSearch

        New image search and business name search options in ProSearch

        Client-Requested Special Features

        • NEW: A map overview of individual country search statistics that gives you an immediate visual understanding of the geographical coverage of a result set.
        • NEW: Merging search results from two or more reports.
        • NEW: Improved options in Owner and Representative Search
        • New global Graphical View in ProSearch

          New global Graphical View in ProSearch

          We’ve designed these additions to help make your work easier, faster and more reliable. The best of our ProSearch improvements began as client requests. Let us know yours! Contact Markify Support for pricing and free trial information.

New Business Intelligence Services

New Business Intelligence Services

One of the earliest indicators that a company is planning to launch a new product is the filing of a trademark. Properly monitored, this type of business intelligence can be a valuable input to your, or to your client’s, competitive strategy.

Markify has launched two new business intelligence services with which to monitor competitor activity.

Owner Watch and Goods & Services Watch will send notifications when a competitor makes a new strategic filing. Here is a quick overview of Markify's two new services:

The Owner Watch will in a weekly report give you all new trademark applications filed by a specific owner/applicant. But it will also give you an intelligent flag system which will point out the new, really interesting filings.

The Goods & Services Watch will send you all new filings with the watched goods and services. Like the Owner Watch, it will flag applications that are really interesting.

Pricing is similar to our Trademark Watch: €89 EUR per year for a global Owner Watch. If you just want one country it is €25 EUR per year. Bulk discounts start at 50 watches/year. Contact Markify Support to get your free trial code. Or, view more information, including detailed pricing.

The next time you log in to your Markify account, you will notice an updated dashboard, which we built to house our new services - and more new services that will be released soon.

Expanding global presence with new account managers

The last two years Markify has seen tremendous growth and to further fuel that growth Markify is pleased to welcome Michelle Martone, Juan Pita and James O’Hanlon as the newest members of our global account management team.

Technology is at our core, but so are people, and we pride ourselves in having the best trademark tech in the industry with first-class service from great representatives.

James O’Hanlon

James is a former SMD account manager, and he will mainly take care of new clients in the UK and Northern Europe. Email:

Michelle Martone

Formerly at Corsearch and Dennemeyer, Michelle is an attorney based in Chicago. Email:

Juan Pita

Formerly with TrademarkNow, Juan will cover Latin America, Spain and Portugal. Email:

As we continue to grow, we are looking for talented people with a strong IP background that would be excited to work for a growing legal tech company. Is that you or someone you know?

Send me an email expressing your interest, and a little bit about yourself, and let’s talk!




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