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Global domain and trademark watch included in new Brand Protect Kit

We have new motto for our watch and monitoring services:

Every living brand deserves to be protected.

Our new Brand Protect Kit is priced and designed to deliver on that motto. For only $5/month the brand owner gets a broad, “first-line” brand  protection. The package includes four different watch and monitoring services, covering both trademarks and domain names on a global scale:

Trademark watch

(1 watched mark per Kit)

Earlier we only had USPTO (US federal) and CTM (EU) in our trademark monitor service. Now we have added the large international database WIPO. This is still the only trademark watch service that finds 99% of new confusingly similar trademark applications.

Global domain name watch

(1 watched domain name per Kit)

This is a new flagship service we believe many brand owners will find attractive. Compared to other domain name monitoring services ours also finds new, confusingly similar domain names in the big TLDs (.com, .net, .org, .us, .info and .biz). Add to that an identical watch of around 200 ccTLDs, and you have a domain name monitoring service we believe is hard to beat.

Owner/competitor monitorint

(5 monitored owners per Kit)

When a company applies for a trademark registration, it is often a very early signal of that they are planning something new. To watch what trademarks your competitors or other trademark owners tries to register is a a good source of intelligence.

Category monitoring

(5 monitored categories per Kit)

This is a new kind of product we believe is quite unique. Here you monitor every new trademark application in the trademark classes you are interested in. Then you add one or several key words to filter out the relevant trademark applications.

Every week you will get an email with a summary of the results, and you’ll find the full report in  your web control panel.

All this for only $5/month. To low? Maybe, but we would rather see many companies protecting their brands and not just the big ones.

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