One of the world's largest trademark portfolios - 25.000 marks - now handled by Markify

Some clients have few marks, some clients have many marks, and then some have a huge amount of marks.

We just signed with one of the larger law firms who has 25.000 marks on watch, some of them being among the most valuable brands in the world.

The reasons this law firm selected us among all providers were basically three:

  1. The preciseness of our AI algorithms, both for word marks and for image based marks.
  2. The automation across the whole work flow - intake, updates, delivery, ranking, report creation, report delivery etc.
  3. A cost-effective solution saving lots of time and lots of money.

Do you have a small or large watch portfolio? Contact us and we will explain how you can benefit from our superior watching/monitoring technology.

Get Your Free Trial of the World's Most Accurate Trademark Search Technology at INTA in Orlando

Why is accuracy in trademark search so important?

Trademark practitioners of course know the answer but often have a hard time explaining it to their clients or to their organizations.  

"Because without that accuracy you do not know, if it is safe to launch the new brand. And a future conflict is not something you want to risk." 

Even if that should be rather easy to understand for trademark owners, there are a lot of premium trademarks launched without accurate clearance work done. It is our objective to change that with four unique Markify properties:

1. Find All Potential Conflicts

The Markify technology is the world's only statistically proven trademark search algorithm. Built on more than 12.000 actual cases where a government official in the US or the EU have concluded that two mark names are confusingly similar.

So we know we find the potential conflicts (+99%). We are not guessing. See the independent research study.  

2. Less Noise 

Our statistical method also let's us reduce the "noise" in reports and rank all results according to their statistical risk. 

3. Fast and Easy Work-Flow

This full availability search just takes one minute. And the available tools to get the clearance work done are both powerful and easy. 

4. Best Price and Free Trial

Taking a risk with a less accurate trademark search report is something very few companies can afford. We at Markify believe you should be able to combine top quality in a comprehensive report with a low price, so you never have to take that risk.

Visit the Markify exhibition booth (#1316) in Orlando for a demo and get your free trial.

If you are not there, send me an email at

Full search of Swiss trademarks and companies at an unmatched price

We have now added Switzerland to our list of trademark databases, bringing the total up to 34 countries plus the 50 US states. See full list here.

Trademarks and company names

This means that you now can get a full, comprehensive search report for Switzerland, generated by the world's most powerful search algorithm (see benchmark study and below).

We have also added Swiss company names to this report and we have priced it at:

59 EUR, with five classes included.  

Top 3 German speaking countries

On demand from both Switzerland, Germany and Austria we decided to also put together a "German speaking" package. This package includes:

  • Trademarks from Germany, Austria, Switzerland, OHIM/CTM and WIPO marks designating them. 
  • Company names registered in Germany, Austria or Switzerland. These are put in a separate tab.  

And the price for all this is only 119 EUR

The world's best trademark search algorithm

If you haven't used Markify before, I will give you a few words about the Markify trademark algorithm, which is the core of our offer. Our algorithm, that took three years to build, have some distinct features:

  • It is built statistically on more than 10.000 cases where two marks have been judged confusingly similar by a government official in Europe or in the US. 
  • It minimizes the "noise" with more than 50%, when compared to other providers' full reports.
  • The results are relevance ranked from top to bottom, saving you a lot of time. 

Like to test?

Please send me an email if you would like to test our products.

Win big in Markify

To the lucky few at the INTA Annual meeting 2014 in Hong Kong, starting this weekend: All attendees who leave a business card in our booth (number 725) will win one prize, and one attendee will win two:

1. One lucky winner will once again walk away with an iPad. We were the first firm to offer give away a free iPad, back in INTA San Francisco 2011. There are still few other rivalining products. Maybe next year in San Diego....

2. ALL others will win a FREE Comprehensive Trademark Search Report. You can choose between different reports,  covering up to 28 EU countries (value 450 EUR) or a US Full availability (USD129). See all choices here Come by, with questions and business cards, and you will ALL be rewarded!

Success for Markify at the INTA Annual Meeting in San Francisco

The Markify exposition at the INTA Annual Meeting in San Francisco in May was a huge success. And in several ways:

  1. Business leads: We had so many visitors to our booth that the three of us didn't always have time to take care of everyone. The number of new potential clients is fantastic.
  2. User input: The input from trademark lawyers from all over the world was simply outstanding. They told me all we need know when we now continue to develop Markify.
  3. Partnerships: Industry leaders in various positions approached us to discuss cooperation. Very exciting opportunities.
  4. Buzz: The buzz we generated in the trademark community is still echoing in our inboxes.

How did we do it? I think the trademark lawyer at one of the big cola drink companies summarized it well: "You had a great way of getting me into the booth (Win an iPad 2). Then you showed me a great product. Well done!"

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