Markify/Questel launches the first ChatGPT powered IP service

ChatGPT plus Markify

As the first intellectual service provider Markify (a Questel brand), we are today launching a ChatGPT powered trademark service.

The buzz around ChatGPT has been increasing the last few months and the prophecies of how this will affect the world of online services are plenty.

At Markify we have been following the development of NLP (Natural Language Processing) and LLM's (Large Language Models) and what possible use we could make of this in the trademark world.

This first ChatGPT service is aimed at letting our clients experience how an advanced Large Language Model like ChatGPT can serve in the context of trademark search. We have first released it for our Comprehensive Search Reports, where ChatGPT will give the user its answers on a number of specific questions related to that specific trademark search.

As always at Markify, this is a joint development project together with our clients. We are looking forward to user feedback so we can gain further insights into how we should leverage generative models on intellectual property data.

This first version of a ChatGPT powered service is just a glimpse of what will come. The quality delivered by ChatGPT already today is astonishing and it is not rocket science to predict that this new technology will re-write the IP services landscape.

Don't hesitate to contact me with questions or comments.

Benoit Fallenius
Markify CEO

New Business Intelligence Services

New Business Intelligence Services

One of the earliest indicators that a company is planning to launch a new product is the filing of a trademark. Properly monitored, this type of business intelligence can be a valuable input to your, or to your client’s, competitive strategy.

Markify has launched two new business intelligence services with which to monitor competitor activity.

Owner Watch and Goods & Services Watch will send notifications when a competitor makes a new strategic filing. Here is a quick overview of Markify's two new services:

The Owner Watch will in a weekly report give you all new trademark applications filed by a specific owner/applicant. But it will also give you an intelligent flag system which will point out the new, really interesting filings.

The Goods & Services Watch will send you all new filings with the watched goods and services. Like the Owner Watch, it will flag applications that are really interesting.

Pricing is similar to our Trademark Watch: €89 EUR per year for a global Owner Watch. If you just want one country it is €25 EUR per year. Bulk discounts start at 50 watches/year. Contact Markify Support to get your free trial code. Or, view more information, including detailed pricing.

The next time you log in to your Markify account, you will notice an updated dashboard, which we built to house our new services - and more new services that will be released soon.

Markify 2.0 - Now a full service offer including the world's most accurate image similarity search

We are excited to now introduce "Markify 2.0" - a suite of new products, new features, new data sets, and design upgrades we have been working on the last 24 months. You asked for it and we created it, for you!

In this launch, we are inviting our existing clients and partners to test them. Below you will find a short Executive Summary. Please watch for more in-depth information and pricing packages in later emails and blog posts. 

1. The world's most accurate image algorithm-based search (design mark/device mark)

We know the value of having the world's best word similarity algorithm. When we decided to build an image similarity algorithm, we set the bar at the same level - the world's best. It took us two years but now it is here. The coverage is global (190 countries) and the pricing starts at $69/59 €. If you have bulk discounts, they also apply here.   

Get your free code on the first design mark/device mark search report (valid the next 3 months).

How do we know that it is the world's best? We will get back to you with a detailed explanation of our research in a later email. 

2. Specialist driven image trademark search (design mark/device mark)
Even if we now have the world's best image similarity algorithm, we know that to clear an image based mark with the highest certainty, you still need a specialist to perform a search with Vienna codes, US design codes and image descriptions. 

Our team of image search specialists will use a combination of codes and algorithms to find and filter out all potentially similar marks. And they will do this at an unrivaled price. Turnaround 3 days.

See the price list for both Algorithm and Specialist driven image search.

3. High quality data from 240 trademark databases - No price increases 

You can now  conduct screening, comprehensive searching and watching of high quality trademark data in 190 countries and the 50 US states. This makes our data coverage and data quality on par with the top two providers in the industry. This data is updated every day the PTO issues updates.

4. Pharmaceutical full search - Most accurate similarity/Best data/Best price

The first version of our pharma search was launched at PTMG last year - a full pharma search with the best similarity algorithm to succeed in an increasingly difficult clearance situation. Now we have added even more pharmaceutical specific sources to cover all angles. Same low price. See all here. 

5. Heavily discounted "Combo pricing packs"

You can now create your own, multi-country discounted packs of Comprehensive search, word or device/design marks. The more countries, the lower the price per country.

6. Extended API services

The world's largest trademark data repository has become even larger and is now available in a number of different API and data export services. Get in touch with us to discuss your specific project. 

7. Design upgrade 

Due to all the new countries, data sets and new packages we have redesigned parts of our website, especially to give clients a better overview and presentation of the different services.


Markify 2.0: Now with a full service offer. Still best-in-class technology and services. Still best price. 

Thank you for your continued feedback to We look forward to hearing from you.

PTMG News flash - A game changer for clearing pharmaceutical trademarks

Markify launches automated full pharmaceutical search reports.

How can we make the clearance process for pharmaceutical trademarks faster, better and cheaper? That is the question one of our teams has been working intensely on solving.

Today at the PTMG conference in Berlin we launch our new set of pharma trademark screening and clearance products. 

What is new compared to your current provider?

1. Quality - The quality of our similarity algorithm makes it possible to deliver a Full/Comprehensive report in an automated fashion. 

You no longer have to wait days for a truly full trademark clearance search. And since it is an algorithm doing the heavy lifting, built on 1M conflict cases, there is less room for human error. 

2. Price - Since our search is automated, and no humans are involved, we can give you a completely different price, a price that will both cut your costs with 50-80% (depending on who you work with today) and change the way you work. 

3. Work-flow - Since you can do instant full searching at a fraction of the price, your naming process will become both faster and more flexible. 

What is the same as you get from your current provider?

Data coverage and data quality - We use the same high quality, pharma specific, industry data sources (if you use one the two big providers):

  • Global pharma-in-use data from IMS Health (IQVIA)
  • Drugs@FDA - Authentic POCA (US)
  • RxNorm - Authentic POCA (US)
  • NN's

And trademark and common law databases:

  • Global trademark data
  • US states trademark data
  • Global common law data

Get a demo in our booth at PTMG in Berlin or contact our support team at for a demo and free trial.

Markify sponsoring both TMAP in Berlin and Marques in Dublin

In today's online world most communication and business is digital. That is why we love trademark conferences and exhibitions - because we get to actually meet our clients and potential clients.

If you are attending either TMAP in Berlin or Marques in Dublin in the coming week, make sure you pass our booth for a quick demo of the latest products and features. 

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